Saturday, March 30

What easter doesnt mean to me!

When I was a kid I remember getting Easter gifts. Freaking Easter gifts. I cant for the life of me understand why my CATHOLIC mother thought it was acceptable to give us gifts on Easter, instead of taking us to church like some of my friends parents did.

Not that I wanted to back then, in fact although I was raised in a catholic school my entire life I never believed in Jesus until a few years ago. Therefor I was content with doing the whole Easter bunny ordeal. Now adays I'm all like ..
Like Santa's 1 thing, but I mean A freaking "unknown person" bunny leaving you candy and toys. Like really, that's not creepy or really fucking weird at all, totes normal. Because you know I'm sure that's exactly what Jesus was hoping for you know right before he was nailed to a cross, yep. He totes ma goats wanted you to really have chocolate and new toys.

So needless to say, no ones getting any Easter gifts, because that's stupid.

PLEASE feel free to shed some light on the purpose of candy & toys on a religious holiday!?

And just because I thought these eCards were to funny!

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