Sunday, March 31

Finish This Sentence

Found this fun little questionarie well visiting Stephanie, and thought it was a fun way for my followers to know more about me!

If calories didn't count, I would eat..
A whole thing of mint chocholate ice cream, and not even share or think twice ;)

On my Prom night..
sat at home until, all my friends were ready to hit the party. Spending money on a dress and ticket just wasnt my idea of a good time. That and the fact I would of had to buy my own dress seeing how I didnt live with my parents..

When I go to the store, I always buy...
a snack, skittles or a bar of some sort.

Family functions typically involve..
drinking, and lots of fun games and prizes and FOOOOOOOD!

I think my blog readers..
Are AMAZING, but I wish y'all would comment more!!

I'd much rather be...
At the beach

I have an obsession with...
Instagram ..kalleent87

My work friends...
are actually my real life friends!

When I created my Facebook account...
I thought it was STUPID, and was NEVER going to last cause Myspace was the cats ass...

My least favorite word is
Cant think of any right meow..

I really don't remember...
my 21st birthday..really I just dont..

Justin Bieber...
is the cutest thing ever!

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