Tuesday, April 2

Happy bday tnuc!

Everyone meet Tony, Tony meet everyone.

Tony has been my best friend for 8 years. We met when a Nice piece of trash introduced us! It was luv at first shot with this boy! I didn't know how much he would change my life or how much I would need him. When he left Ontario for BC. I was crushed I wasn't sure if our friendship could survive. Well I knew it would of, it was me not knowing how to live with knowin he's not 3 hours away anymore he's 3 days away!

To the point of this post.. today's Tony aka t Nuc's (yes it spells Cunt if u were clever enough to spot that) my audrina to my lauren.

Cheers to the only man who I annoys me, surprises me, challanges me to do my best, tells me how it is when I'm doing my worst

I Fuckin luv the shit outa u!

Said no one ever..

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