Thursday, April 4

Dating Troubles!

Incase I havent said it before.
I HATE dating, infact Im better at not "dating". I've been know as the type of girl to keep going back to old flames. I'm 26 and I've had 3 relationships, 1 that I'd actually call serious. Then there was that one time I allowed myself to become CRAZY in love with my bestfriend who just did not love me, akward!
I decided to sign up for POF a few years ago mainly because I'm yet to meet someone thru a mutal friend that I dont actually know, #smalltownproblems. I wanted to meet new people, go on dates. have fun! I heard stories of people who met their husbands on POF, I figured shit why not right?
I've only actually meet 4 people off this site. I gave up for awhile after the 1st one. "Drucher Doucher", who I actually met befor thru mutal friends and I had seen a few times at random parties/bars, but never said more then hi to each other. Most annoying date, total douch bag. Anyone who spends the entire time talking about themselfs annoyes me. Like your on a date, the least you could do was ask me something about myself. Then when I tried to talk about myself, he made that story into one of those "thats funny but, this one time...". I stopped using POF for awhile after that, because of that and almost every profile says "sick of being hurt", "i hate crazy bitches", or that one guy whos name was "youngdumandfullofcum" not even jokin!
After the ex and I split my world was CRUSHED and main hoe knew the best way to get over a boy is by getting under another one. moving on. We headed to the bend,*which if you loved JS, you'll love this - board walk, beach, tshirt stores and BOOZE! I dont think at any point I was sober during may 2-4 wknd last year* and I was all like douch bag liam who, luving life on the beach and with all the new boys I had found. Still something was missing. Its not that wanted a boyfriend, more so someone to share that connection with. I was lonley. I decided to signup for POF..again.
I got more "your hot" comments then anything, along with so and so wants to meet you.. yea well thanks. Glad you think im hot, maybe you could of just started with a simple "how you doing" *joey voice*I quickly thought to myself WHAT . A . JOKE. Still I kept on going. I went to hangout with this one guy at his place who had msg'd me on pof that I actually knew in real life *kinda sorta, he frequinted a bar and I always went to and I've wanted to jump his bones introduce myself for years, somehow he even ended up on my MSN, ew rememeber msn, anyone still use that?!*, and although his profile says hes ready for a realtionship he was clearly not. Infact he made sure to send me a txt the next day so I knew it went along the lines of, your nice and all but i just want sex - you should prob change your profile, and you should ask a girl how she is after she YELLS owwwww when she slams her finger in your door, asshole!
After that I just stopped msging ppl until this one guy started talking to me, he seemed interesting, pretty cool, really funny and hadnt mentioned anything about how super sexy I am, or how bad he wants to sleep with me. Since I was a little nervous about meeting someone for the actual first time I got him to bring a friend for Audri and we all went out for dinner, then to a bar. I swore that would be the last time I met anyone off POF, it was litterly "the date from hell", so bad I blog about it.
I basically just stopped using POF and replying to any msgs that came thru but kept my account open, cause well I guess you never know, and you dont! I had this cutie patoootie msg me, a few times. REALLY REALLY wanting to hangout. Atfirst I was a bit taken back by him, like why does he like me so much. I answered him, we exchanged numbers but I felt like nothing would of came from it, maybe a good friendship if anything.. A few months later, bored and dateless I asked him to come out with my and audri. He gladly agreed, and I realized I made the biggest mistake ever.
This boy can kiss, this boys good in the sack, this boy makes me laugh. HARD, hes always on time, he always keeps his word, our convos are amazing. Only issue, I waited to long. I let my past expirence cloud my judgement. Mr amazing leaves in apx 8 days for good. We clearly agreed to just enjoy each others company until he leaves, but every moment just makes me want to spend that much more time with him.

Love stinks,
yeah yeah

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