Thursday, January 17


My new fav quote! gunna be say this all day er day!
I think every girl can relate to this one..
LOL sounds like something only my friends would say while playing "kings cup"
Enough said!
GAH i cant stand when people are RIGHT BEHIND you in a line, as luda said, move bitch get out the way!
I think this all day er day about my customers!
Okay its Thursday, but its my day off so F.T.S!
Found the real reason you should think befor you speak..
Hail to the karma gods!
Me in a nut shell..


  1. These are great...I can so relate to a few.
    Hey, I just found your blog by chance (I'm kinda new to this), and I'm trying to read backwards. So far, I think you are a hoot! Lovin it so far.

    1. aww, thanks for stopping in :) glad your enjoying it!