Tuesday, January 15

Tuesday Topics: week 3

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This week..8 TV Shows

Gah, I dont even watch TV, so most of these shows are prob cancelled!

Gilmore Girls,
The old Roomie got a little crazy and bought all 7 season, We've watched the entire series twice. LOSERS

Okay, this is still on the air, but the first time Ive ever seen it was like 3 weeks ago. So I bought season 1, which aired in '08?!!? JANE WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE

Fresh Prince,
Im a huge prince & DJ jazzy jeff fan. There both hilarious, so this show is just the best thing ever! Plus, the uncle phil fat jokes NEVER get old, nor does seeing Jazz get thrown out of the house.

WE WERE ON A BREAK. 'nough said.

The Hills,
I think i became really attacheted to this show when my "BFF" stabbed me in the abck for another guy, while speading roumors about our other friend Tony..woah, flash back eh, today I wasnt rich and living in LA!

Dawsons Creek,
OBBESSED didnt even begin to discribe how I felt about this show. I use to make my mom tape the reruns (ye thats right TAPE, as in on a VHS!) for me when I was at school.

Two Broke Girls,
This is about the only show that I watch thats on air. Every episode is garenteed to make me piss my self laughing!

Saved By The Bell,
Its alright cause im saved by the, its alright cause im saved by the, its allright cause im saved by the bell, YES!


  1. I have all the Gilmore Girls and Friends seasons! Love those shows!

    1. Nice i just finished season 1 of Friends, going to get some more seasons this wknd :)

  2. yes to gilmore girls,friends and the mentalist!

    nice list :)

    1. I just got in the the mentalist, its sooo good cant wait till im all caught up :)

  3. I love those shows that are "oldies." TV just isn't like that anymore!

  4. Friends is the BEST!! And Dawson's Creek was awesome, too. Were you a Pacey or Dawson fan?


    1. Im re watchin season 3 right now again lol.. pacey all the way!!