Sunday, March 27

Finally, A paid trip home

Hey guys!

As most of you know I have the best job in the world! I get to travel around the world for free! I've been waiting all year for a paid trip home and finally I got my trip home! Work asked me to do a trip to Stirling, Ontario. Which is about a 25 minute drive from my home town.

The trip couldn't of come at a better time it was family day weekend. The install trip didn't start until the 16th, so I flew into Ontario on the 12th and spent the night at my dads. The next day I got so much needed time with 3 of my nephews...

Later that night I headed to my brothers to chill out for the night, and then taking him & our mom out for family day breakfast at Dennys.

Monday was Family Day and I got to spend it the way I wish I spent everyday, with the family!
Breakfast started with my making a trip to Tim Hortons (were a house full of gambling addicts/coffee junkies) - When I got home I enjoyed a delicious omelette by the fantastic omelette chef Geoff! Then it was off to Belleville to pick up Meaghan & her kiddies! We all spent the rest of the day laughing and joking, I couldn't believe the size of my boys!

I spent the rest of the week at the Pocknell/Thompson house hold, and spent some time hanging out with my brother. Not to mention, got to see Lisa & Weston - I cant believe how cute he is! Unfortunately I forgot to snap a picture of the cutie! Mainly because i was to busy trying to catch up with Lisa! God i love that women!


Later that night I went out for dinner with 2 of the most amazing women I'm honoured to call them my best friends. Yes i might be trying to suck up because somewhere in all this excitement on up coming installs, and post I forgot to mention I also had a chance to have dinner with them as well! Any who.. I love them both, and they know it :p - Any way I was lucky enough to have a fun dinner date with the 2 of them! thanks again for the laughs ladies ....

I also got to spend some time catching up with another great friend Amber, and her daughter Jess (Who loved Aunt BB's gifts cause Aunt BB is awesome isnt she jess ;) & Dakota, aint she tha cutest!

Before I knew it the week was over and it was time to head back, I spent saturday night at my days house, and flew back to Calgary Sunday night!

I love my job, and i miss my family...but moments like those make it all worth it ...

Until next time 

- Kay

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