Thursday, March 31

Another great trip

Incase I don't say it enough, MY JOB IS AMAZING!

I was asked to go on a install trip to Grimsby, Ont. At first I'm like where in the world is Grimsby? Turns out its about 1.5 hours from my brother/best friends house. Of corse I accepted the trip!

I left with the team on Sunday to head to the hotel in St. Catherine's, Ontario. Since we were so close to Niagara Falls, we spent a lot of time seeing the falls and walking Clifton Hill.

American side of the falls

My 2 co-workers Laurel, Seamus & I

Canadian side of the falls

Falls at night!

Falls at night, truly beautiful!
Oh, Hey Eddie! long time no talk!

Hello mister moose, how you doing!?

Cassie & I = 2 bad mamma jamma's

Even ran into the teenage mutan ninja turtles

Someones still pissed ...

Co-Works & I - Laurel, Seamus, Tracy & I

View from the skywheel

Upside down house ...say what?!

 I told him to run... but he just sat there ...

Pictures speak 1000 words, so just to be clear ... I had a great trip. I literally laughed so hard my guts hurt!! Thanks again to all my co-workers for making it such a fun adventure! .... 

Stayed tuned for part 2 of this post ... Which i know is hard to believe but is most exciting then this post!

Until next time...


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