Saturday, April 16

Another Great Trip Part II

Welcome back to part II of why my jobs so great!

As you read last time I had another great trip to ontario! I got to go to Grimsby, Ont which is just under 2 hours from my older brother john's house. If you've been reading for a while you already know how close John & I are. We've been through a lot together, well dealing with many issue's of our own but we did it together. I couldn't ask for a better big brother or a better friend. 

John picked me up from the dealership on friday afternoon and we drove back to his place. I was greeted with 3 of the cutest kiddies! I spent the rest of the after noon/evening hanging out with all of them laughing playing and even getting some cuddles from those busy bodies!

Silly faces with Malachi

Boys playing with their toy's

Quentin & Malachi

How cute is she right?!
Acasia playing with a baseball bat 

Auntie & Acasia

Not only did I get lots of lovings for those cuties. I also got to visit with my best friend Rachel. I cant put in to words how much she means to me! We've been through so much together, good times, bad times, break ups, TV marathon's... and I know we'll be there for each other for many more years to come!

Rachel has 2 beautiful daughters who I adore. I met my princess PayPay (Her first daughter Payton) when I first moved to Alberta, and she was 6 months old. Since that day I've watched her blossom into this beautiful smart talented, almost 3 year old! She amazes me every day in so many ways. I hate that Im not there to physically see her grow, but that just makes our video chat's that much better! Last year Rachel gave birth to another little girl and they named her Tessa Kalleen. I was truly honoured that they had chosen her middle name as my first name.

Not only did I get to see Rach, the girls (And murf cant forget about her miss ya girl:) I was there to celebrate Tessa's first birthday! We had so much fun hanging out watching Payton open Tessa's presents (LOL she's 2 what can we say) For the most part I'd say Tessa enjoyed her birthday, right up until Auntie pushed her hand in the cake (In my defence, she was only eating the icing and taking to long to get to the good stuff!) 

Birthday Girl Tessa!

Payton opening Tessa's gifts and Tessa checking out her new gifts

Tessa after I stuck her hand in her cake ... Poor girl ...

"But Murf, wheres my birthday cake?" 
... and she needed to give herself a facial too ... 

I also finally was able to give Payton her christmas gifts as well ... better late then never!

After the birthday party it was time to unwind ... and by unwind I mean have some drinks & play monoloply ... 

They were so good

The next morning we started with an amazing breakfast, Eggs hash browns bacon & toast! - Thanks Murf, it was delicious! For the next few hours I just sat around enjoying my time with everyone, an of corse taking pictures...

We had so much fun playing with snap chat filters

Seriously how cute is she!?!

Tessa modeling her new headband from me!

Later that afternoon, it was time to say my goodbyes and head back to Calgary... Cant wait until my next visit to see all these cuties! I miss them all so much, they are all so special in their own ways! 

Until next time ...


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