Saturday, April 5

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Not sure if anyone's even reading this ol' blog any more, but in case you are I'm bacccccck.  For good, at least I hope. Been a little MIA because I've been loving my new life here in Calgary!

Since I haven't really posted anything since basically after the pictures of my road trip, some of you might of thought I was dead, but I'm not.. here I am living life away from blog spot. Turns out was the best part of my job at Stream back home was the I had 8 hours a day 5 times a week to blog, turns out when your not sitting in front of a computer all day life really does happen!

So here's what I've been up to.

Experiencing the weather of Calgary, at first it was great. I could straighten my hair, and 3 days later there still wouldn't be any curls. No humility it was great, and now my hair is actually growing, probably because I don't have to straighten it twice a day any more. Hurrrrray! Another great thing is the chinooks, getting +10 weather when Ontario was sitting in a ice bath surely made my day. However, we got a HUGE dump of snow, and staying in -40 for 2 weeks before Ontario even got snow so I deserved the bragging rights!

If you've been following my blog you know all about Ryan so i'm not going to go into detail about the past, Ryan and Rachel are now living in Edmonton, 3 hours away from me. With my beauuuuuutiful princess Paypay. Aka Payton Elizabeth! I've never had a baby girl in my life before, so I'm definitely enjoying being an aunt to my first niece! Even if she didn't appreciate the fact I took her to get her ears pierced, hopefully next time I take her to get something pierced ..or tattoo'd she wont cry and give me evil stares like the ear piercing incident.

Any way, Ryan's come along away, he's a great man and an amazing father. I couldn't be more proud of the things he's over come these last 2 years. If someone had of said to me 5 years ago that Ryan would be happy, settled, engaged, with children, a house, and the early stages of starting his company, I would of said Ryan who, anyone who follows the post might be confused as well. But no, its the truth. My druggie best friend is now my clean calm-ish level headed best friend. Feels great to say that about him.

After procrastinating for a few months I went out and made it official. I know have a registered address, Alberta health care, and a Alberta drivers licences.Fun fact, I hear from a friend of a friend of mine .. ;) ..that if you have unpaid tickets and let your licence expire in one province and then move to another, they'll just give you a full licences in the next province.

The hardest part about being away from home, is the little things that trigger your memory. Warm days make me miss Audri and the beach. Little boys make me miss my little mom's. Mothers and daughters hanging out, makes me wish I spent more time with my Amy as well as my Mom. Hearing and seeing my friends having fun on Facebook, is more depressing then not. I'm happy I'm here, I'm happy they're having fun and still living a positive life (not that I'm vain enough to think life wouldn't go on without me). I'm just wishing that we were all together, or that maybe there wasn't so much distance between us. When Carissa And Kate had their babies I wanted more then anything to be there for them, and to get to meet those beautiful girls. However I needed to learn that I am going to miss big events, but that doesn't mean I cant be apart of everyone's life, just means we have to try harder to make relationships work.

Speaking of relationships, again if you've been following my blog you know that I haven't spoken to my dad in a few years because I couldn't look past the lies that he had been telling my siblings and his wife. The fact that he denied being the father of my younger brother was unacceptable to me. My aunt pointed out that basically life is to short, and that my father really hadn't done anything to me and I had a right to be upset but he didn't owe anything to me, he never lied to me, he always supported me. Right up until the lie was revealed he was my best friend. I finally reached out to him, and he was sorry for everything that he has every done to any of his children, he explained to me that if he could take it back at any point he would, but he cant we can only move forward. I agreed with him, I could hear that he was sorry he explained to me why he did those things, and where his life was at before and after he met my mom. Most of what he was saying I could understand and it made sense. We agreed to move forward, and I must say I'm pretty happy with our decision.

I'm definitely happy with my weight which verys between 155-160 depending what I ate that week, or if its "Shark Week", its been quit the journey over the last 3 years. Some days were hard, others were easy. I'm not sure how I was so lucky to be able to lose the weight easily compared to other girls. I didn't join a gym, I didn't go crazy on diets and work out plans. I made fun of it. I did exercises that I found fun, dancing and squats and sit ups, running in the spot. All those things become fun when you mix Lil' Wayne in the mix! As far as the diet part goes, its not hard to figure out what's healthy and not healthy the ingredients are right there on the bag/box. If you don't understand them, Google them. Control how much your eating, and remember there's a huge line between food control, and starvation. Another thing I cant stress enough, WATER WATER and MORE WATER.

Here's my results from the last 3 years.

This is the last picture taken before the weight loss journey.

The only other thing that's new is my amazing job. Thanks to my Cousin Sheena,

I got a job at Honda. Its amazing I love it. The people are great, the money I make is great. I never thought I would enjoy going into work everyday!

Well in a nut shell that's what's new with me!


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