Sunday, October 6

Sunday Social + Blogtober, Day 6

Linking up with Ashley for..
Sunday Social


this weeks questions are all about your childhood...

1. What were you like in middle school and high school?
- I was quite and really shy in middle school. I stuck with my best friends and had no confidence to even think about speaking with anyone else. In highschool, I still stuck to my same friends, but thats because they knew me best, and most of the people I went to highschool, were losers who thought they were gangsters, and dated the slutiest chicks in school. So i avoided most of them..

2. What were your favorite pastimes?
- Spending time online at Renees house in chat groups, or smoking weed at thepark around the cornor from the other highschool

3. What songs were you obsessed with?
-Mystkal - shake your ass
-City high - what would you do
-Usher - Nice and quite
-Babybash - Suga suga

4. What fashion statement do you look backing and cringe?
Ugh, fish clips why did I ever thing they were cool?

5. Who was your celeb crush?
Justin Timberlake

6. What was your favorite movie?
Almost Famous & Save the last dance

Also, its blogtober, ..

Day 6, Sunday: If you couldn't answer with your job, how would you answer the question, 'what do you do'?

My life's not that exciting at the moment, and I don't have a job anyway. So if someone asked me what I do, I usually respond. I sit on my ass and it feels great. For YEARS I've been bitching that there's so much in taxes and other benefits that are taken out of my pay, and it use to piss me off to no end. Until my doctor signed me off on stress leave. Its amazing, I get paid for sitting on my ass. The thing I bitched most about in life. A typical day involves me waking up between 11 am-noon, I hangout with my aunt for a little while then shower and get dressed. Catch up on my games on my phone " restaurant story", "farm story", "bakery story", and "fashion story" I'm already aware I'm a loser BTW no need to write that in the comment field below! I spend the rest of the day just doing nothing really around the house, listen to some music watch some TV. BTW, the new show "mom" is fuckin AWESOME, so year that's a typical day for me.

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