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Took a visit home

Hey fellow bloggers..

Its me the person who promises to blog more but never does, so here I am with a promise to try and
blog more!

Its been almost a year since I left home and I have no regrets, or need to move back to Ontario anytime soon. A lot of people said I couldn't do it, that I'd quit and move back home because I'd miss my friends and family to much. Jokes on them! Now don't get me wrong I miss each and every person that I love back home, and I'm crushed that I'm not around to see my friends move on with their life. Sometimes I wish the world would stop and nothing would change then I wouldn't feel like I'm missing anything that's happening in their life's.

My Amy moved into a beautiful home in the country, MASSIVE yard, central air annnnd a dishwasher. Two of my best friends had a baby, and all the little boys in my life are either big boys now, or starting to become a man (equipped with the voice change and everything).

After seeing how much everyone had change, some of my friends even have new jobs, and new houses. However other than the new things everything else felt the same. I heard that after 7 years of a friendship with someone it will become a lift time friendship. I couldn't agree more, in fact writing this post is making me tear up thinking of what wonderful amazing friends I've left behind. Big thanks to Amber and Deb, without you to my trip would of felt impossible, you guys really helped me out, guess that's what best friends are for.

  Ontario was a fun time, don't get me wrong but my trip back home verified that there is nothing there for me anymore. Its not a place I want to live, and a part of me always knew it wouldn't be the end of my journey. I'm glad its not, I'm from a town where nothing every changes, everyone I knew as a acquaintance still had the same drama they had last year, the towns looked the exact same (Minus the downtown, got some beautiful trees near the bridge...I know how exciting) It was like I never left. It's such a boring little town, especially after 6 on the weekend, don't expect to get much shopping done, almost everything is closed.

  Three years later I also got to spend some time with my dad, not a lot actually the most time we spent together was driving from and to the airport, but I enjoyed the time we did get to spend together. I knew Id be busy when I got home, but I didn't think Id be that busy. So busy I thought Id let all you followers see what I did for 9 days in Ontario, also it will help me remember the little moments of my trip!

  When I landed on Wednesday the 6th my dad picked me and my starving ass up and we grab some breakfast, and headed back to his place for my surprise. I got to see 3/5 of my nephews it was amazing I was so glad to see them, couldn't believe how big they were. Especially Hensley he's 14 and taller then me ?! WHAAAT. After visiting with the boys I headed to Belleville, on. To see one of the few people who mean the world to me, my brother. It was a scene right out of a movie. I ran out of the van, he ran out of the apt, we hugged he lifted me an spun me around and then hugged me one more time before putting me back down. I spent a few minutes with him, and saying hi to my mom and their neighbor's before leaving for Amy's house. When I got there I dropped my bags and ran right for Amy I've never been so happy to see her in my life, I definitely miss her a lot more now then I ever did. Next was Geoff, I was equally excited to see him as well, after all I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for them! They didn't tell Hudson I was home yet, so after the 3 of us hugged it out Geoff went inside to grab Hudson. Hudson just stood at the door with a shit eating grin on his face until I stretched my arms out and he came running full steam ahead right into my arms. He was at least a few inches taller and rocking a Mohawk I told him I loved it he told me " I knew you would keen."  We ate dinner and headed to baseball (Some things never change). During baseball I played with Hudson, watched Amy and Geoff hit some balls, and seen my aunt and 2 of her children. After baseball we headed back to Amy & Geoffs to relax and wait for Jacob to get home from his out of town baseball game. When he finally got home I was so happy, I love this kid to the moon and back, he'll always be a baby to me, no matter how old he gets (after all he was the first child to make me decided I would never become a teenage mom. Not that I didn't love him, I just helped his mom out so much that I learned first hand how hard it was to deal with a baby from the age of 13). I jumped off the couch and ran straight towards him and hugged him so tight, it wasn't until I was ready to let go and I looked him right in the eye I started to cry. FULL ON TEARS STREAMING DOWN MY FACE!! My little baby wasn't a baby anymore, hes a huge 15 year of with arms and calfs of someone in their mid 20's, not to mention his height, since we did we become at eye level! Every thing was to much I couldn't hold the tears in, so I just gave him another hug. We ended up just sitting around for the night shooting the shit just like old times.

     The next morning on Thursday, Amy drove me to my moms house and I spend the day with my brother and some friends. I hung out with my brother for a little while at the house, then took him of for breakfast to my favorite little diner in town, "Debbies". After breakfast we met up with some of my brothers friends who I was dying to see again and relaxed for a few hours. Mid afternoon my best friend since grade 3, Carissa came to pick me up so that we could go to lunch with our other best friend/my favvvvorite cousin Larrissa, who brought he son Logan with her. The lunch was great, that's when I realized its true, " Good friends care for each other, great friends understand each other, but true friends stay forever. Beyond words, beyond distance, beyond time." Having lunch with those two ladies proved that point. Everything was the same as it was when I left, distance didn't change us and I never thought it would!
     When lunch was done it was time to do visit with one of the few people who gave me a reason to come home. A little girl name Autumn who stole my heart months and months ago, Autumn is Carissa daughter. I waited almost 11 months to meet her, and it was the best meeting I could ask for. As soon as I walked in the door she was all smiles, so happy to see me, crawled right over and everything. I was excepting that she would take at least a few moments to warm up to me but she came right over like she was waiting for that moment just as long as I had been waiting. I hung out with Carissa, her boyfriend Adam and Autumn for few hours then I had to leave, more people to see.
      I went for dinner with a good friend Vanessa at Lonestar and caught the new movie Tammy starring Melissa McCarthy(Which was HILARIOUS).. Again, nothing changed it was like I just saw Vanessa yesterday. After the movie I went back to my brothers house to hangout some more with him and spent the night.

      On Friday went dress shopping My cousin Tara is getting married next year and asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. (feel free to insert always a bridesmaid, never a bride jokes here.) We made a day of  I tried on a few dresses, we stopped for lunch and head to my aunts house (Tara's mom) and spent some time watching Tara try on a few wedding dresses my aunt had found for her. We headed back to Amy's later and I spent the rest of the night relaxing with the boys well Amy & Geoff went out.

       Saturday was the day I had been waiting all year for. Jacob is a baseball player for the Quite Royals back home, and they've had an awesome year. Last year Jacob started pitching, and he found his spot. Left hand pitcher? watch out MLB!! When I finally got to see him on the mound I had goose bumps! I cant believe the form and attention to the game he has. We ended up leaving half way through the game to make it back home on time for Amy & Geoff to get ready for my cousins wedding. I had my friend Colin aka the farmer (Who to clarify is not actually a farmer, just a silly nickname) pick me up and we hung out for the rest of the afternoon. Later that night Amy had a bon fire and some of my friends came out to have some drinks, then we hit the bar in town called "The Social" (what a 'fun' little place...but then again, fun is what you make it.. and did we ever have fun!)

       Sunday morning I borrowed my friend Debbies car, and headed to Toronto with the little brother. Some how along the way we completely missed the exit and ended up 40 min's out of our way. By the time I figured out where we were going (which included trying to find a Tim Horton's, and then when that failed we found a McDonald's , I really need to stop being cheap and get a data plan so I don't have to drive around looking for free wifi..or get a GPS!) Oh and since I'm that cheap I also refused to park in Toronto and pay $40 for parking at the rogers center, so I parked in Scarborough for free at the town center (where I also got lost because I AGAIN missed the exit and had to stop to find wifi). By the time we got to the Rogers Center it was 4:30, and I was far from impressed. I kept telling my brother we should find something else to do the game started 3.5 hours ago its probably over by now, he really wanted to go so he talked me into it. I'm glad he did because when we got there it was the 8th inning. Still I was so mad I could of cried I cried thinking that I'd only get to see 1 inning of baseball, Until blue jays got a run and tied the game, nothing happened in the 9th, so we went on to the 10th inning, the 11th inning, the 12th inning finally by the 16th inning my brother and I decided its to hot, and it felt like the game was never going to end so we left and explore downtown Toronto. They were filming scenes for the new movie Pixel didn't see anyone famous, but it was the first time seeing a movie set so it was definitely cool. One of the best days that I've spent with my brother. We got home around 11:30 that night and crashed hard.

      Monday I was hanging out at my brothers & visiting with friends until Amy came and picked me up. Spent some time at Amy's with the fam, and then Monday night I had a sleep over with another best friend Amber. We laughed and laughed and laughed, all well making fun of her daughter. It was great to finally meet jess .. hey jess if your reading this SLOW DOWN!

On Tuesday I borrowed Ambers Van because I had a apt in Trenton for my brother Jordan, and then we hung around town visiting his friends making sure he said goodbye to everyone since it was his last night in town as well, he decided to move to Calgary with me which was awesome because I don't think I could of handled another goodbye. Later on Amy made our first family dinner in almost year, it was amazeballs:) I relaxed a little with the boys and that night I had a sleep over with Deb, I needed her car in the AM to do some last minute visiting.

Wednesday was our 2nd last day in Ontario so I spent it with Jordan driving him around visiting friends and family that we didn't get to see yet. After visiting everyone we needed to, I brought the car back to Deb with my cousin Kortney who I randomly picked up along the way. We went shopping for dinner which Deb started right away after we dropped off Kort. Later that night Kortney, her friend Elise (who is without a doubt one of the sweetest bitches I've ever met! Miss you girls already!!) Audri and Lisa came over to eat with Deb and I. After Dinner Audri, Lisa and I headed over to Audris house so I could see her Son B. As soon as I came up the stairs and he noticed me he rand right over and gave me the biggest hug, not to mention the longest! I love that kid just like he was an actual nephew, I have been friends with Audri since we were 10 months old, so that's as close to family you can come without the same DNA. B and I had a blast hanging out with his step brother and playing with toys and taking silly pictures. A little while later Deb came by to pick up Lisa, Audri and I and we headed down to the local dive bar "The Duke" met some interesting people, laughed a lot, headed for the strippers, played some pool and left before 11pm because I didn't want to be tired the next day! (I'm so old!) Lisa ended up giving me a lift back to Amy's house. I stayed up with Amy & Geoff for a little bit, then we all headed to bed.

Thursday morning was filled with tears right from the moment I woke up. I knew it was my last day and I felt so full of mixed emotion I couldn't wait to get back to Calgary, but at the same time I wasn't ready to say goodbye again. I wiped my tears and came up to the kitchen early in the AM so I could see Amy and Geoff before they left for work, and that's when the tears came full speed. I went back to sleep for a little bit until Hudson woke up. Then it was cuddle time, we laid in his bed watched TV before finally deciding to get up and play. We played all morning and into the afternoon until his grandfather came and picked him up. Saying goodbye is always hard but I felt saying goodbye this time was a little more easier then last time when I cried for about 14 blocks after dropping Hudson off at the sitters before I left last year. Deb came to the house and picked me up, we made a stop at my moms to pick up my brother and so that I could say by to her and her neighbor's. We hit the road and headed for Oshawa to my dads house. Once we met up there, dad drove us to the airport and we all had a tearful goodbye as he watched his 2 youngest children leave the province.

The plane ride back seemed to be so long but that's probably cause I was so excited for my brother to finally be out here with me, being without him this last year definitely wasn't easy. Finally we landed just before 11pm and my Aunty picked us up at the airport.

Its been about a week since I've been home, Jordan seems to be settling in well for the most part. Cant wait to see what our futures will hold out here in the wild wild west..

Until next time,
Its Me KT

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