Tuesday, April 9

What Friendship Means To Me

Alot of the time we say we'll go out for lunch or dinner with the girls, but we never do do we. Something comes up, work babies boyfriends other friends. Sometimes its because your down right lazy and you dont want to do ANYTHING let alone hangout with a friend. Sometimes All the time you just need to be there. Your job will leave you, your babies will grow up and leave you, and your man..well we know where this is going. But your girlfriends, there always going to be there.

I've had the same best friends for most of my life, Im pretty blessed like that. Its the only good thing about being from a small town. The thing I love most about my friends is the way we sync and connect on ever level. Some more so then others, we know when were sad, or somethings really stressing us out, the REALLY good friends, they dont even have to see me to know theres something wrong.

Sometimes we get caught up in life, that we take that for granted. We just say in the back of our minds, yooo thats home girl, she aint going anywhere. WRONG. Friendship is a 2 way st. Not saying you have to see said friend everyday, or even talk to them everyday. But some days, is it really THAT hard. Theres texting, facebook, twitter,  hell even share a old photo of the 2 of you on instagram. This new world has made it impossible to lose touch with people.

Dont be that girl.
Dont be the one with no friends because she put all her effort into creating a life for herself, you need your girlfriends, you may not see it right now. But you do, you did, and you always will.


  1. Hello dear, I really like your blog, it’s very interesting! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin and facebook …just let me know If you follow me, I follow you back.
    Kisses, have a nice day!

    Le Blog de Michelle

    1. thanks for stopping by michelle, thats a great idea! just followed you on GFC, thats all I use to keep my blog in touch the the world LOL

  2. I like your blog too. Makes me laugh, makes me smile.
    I've had friends like that. Which is mainly why I keep to myself now b/c You can't trust anyone but yourself.

    1. thanks for stopping by!! its hard when you find yourself on the other end. So imreally trying to focus on being a good friend and a better person! I stopped by your blog to :) luving it blog your layout is so cute! you have alot of wisdom! glad your writing for yourself and not others!! oh and ellen dance and choch. milk will make my day any day! :) - would of comment on ur post, but it wouldnt let me, prob the PC im using at work :)