Thursday, April 11

Its okay

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Its Ok Thursdays

Its okay,
To be counting down the days until your holidays, 9 more sleeps!

Its okay,
To be upset that home skilet biscuit still isnt on the schedual and no idea when he'll be back up, but anthopoulos said hopefully the NYY series, which friends is the game i have tickets for #gojaysgo

Its okay,
To be a little sad that the cute boy, with a accecnt is leaving tomorrow - LC was wrong theres no "jackpot"

Its okay,
to mention again that its almost time to see the jays! #lovethisteam

Its okay,
To #hashtag the shit out of your blog #cuzimballinlikethat


  1. I totally get counting down to your holiday! I would too.

    1. haha exactly!, thanks for stopping by! have a good weekend :)