Monday, April 8

Weight Loss update.

Its offical, I finally hit -110. It was a long time coming and I was wondering if I could ever lose that last 8 pounds. When I started my weight loss, which you can read about "here" I was 265, and thats alot. I never noticed how over weight I was. I never really felt it you know. I was doing everything I wanted to do, I was confident in the way I looked, so the weight was something that just didnt effect me. I basically weighted the same for as long as I can remember my waist was always between a 20-24 depending on the fit.
I started my weight loss journey aug '11. I was watching extreme makeout:weight loss edition. Everything these extremly overweight people were doing, were things I could do without a doubt. They made working out look super easy. So I figured hell Ill try it out. I started small by doing burpee's, sit ups, Squats, thenn running in the spot.  My favorite part , climbing mount. Pelion

Another reason  I didn't want being over weight to effect me not having children, especially from obesity, something that can easily be controlled. I put on my big girl panties and worked my ass off. I learned how to work out, and what each work out does for me. I learned the importance of eatting right, and not over eatting when bored. I learned that I actually like alot of the foods my mom told me I didnt like when I was a kid. Green beans, brocilli, cooked carrots ect.

Heres what I looked like..
 March '12

One year later ..
March '13

I felt soooo much pain right away, but I knew it would be well worth it!

So friends,
are you over weight,
do you need to get healther,
or you want to look better!
Then you should have started yesterday. No excuses ...

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