Wednesday, February 6

Down falls of weight loss

Hey readers,

Notice anything new, like my layout! Figured I changed things up its been awhile, and since I'm content with the templates I'm finding online Ill stick with free shit and not paying someone to design my blog, except for the fact I cant figure out for the freaking life of me how to make a button, so if anyone wants to make me one for free/tell me how clearly that's the better option. If I must I'll pay for one, cause well I REALLY want one!

Moving along,
With my quest my blog more, link up less. So here's my thoughts on weight loss, the bad side.

This is suppose to be a little more humorous post, and not really serious. Just my person thoughts of my journey so far.

I almost dread shopping. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving that I'm a size 12 now, not a size 22 but its almost embarrassing to go in and out of a change room with 1500 different sizes in shirts and pants because you can never remember what exactly your size was. I'm use to "one size fits all" type of clothes. Like a 2x shirt its fits right or it doesn't. All my clothes have always been the same size for YEARS. So knowing my size is something I'm still struggling with. Sometimes I just think it will fit me, because it did before, I don't always see my self slimmer. And, PJ's I don't see the point in buying them all the time. Pretty sure I've never bought any all the ones I have were gifts. So now my PJ shirts I really swim in, and my PJ pants, well the string is pulled so tight on those bitches pretty sure its just going to break one day.

So this ones a play off my first problem, shopping. Okay, so I bought a new shirt few pairs of pants. Here we are 2 months later, and said shirt and pants no longer fit right. I'm still getting to know my body so it could be my fault that im just buying the wrong fit and its shrinking in the dryer, but that's unlikely since I'm still losing weight.

Which is another thing, HOW THE FUCK DO YOU STOP LOSING WEIGHT! I'm not working out, its rather cold,snowy,icy, and then there's some warm days (far and few between) but I don't work out on them either. I'm not eating as good as I use to, in fact I'm not really eating good at all to be honest. I eat fries, poutine, burgers, and chips all the time at work. However I'm usually not very hungry, so when I force myself to eat its usually crap food because that's all that's avail then 9 hours I'm at work. I know what your thinking, prepare your healthy meals before you go into work, but I'm too lazy for that.

Another thing about eating and weight loss is, when you eat to much of something, or the wrong thing people look at you have 4 heads. "your really going to eat all of that", "whoa that's a lot of food thought you were on a diet" - well I sorta am asshole, but i just dropped over 100 pounds so I'm gonna eat whatever the fuck I wants. With that being said same goes when I take a small amount of food. People start questioning me "why you eating so little, have more your looking like you never eat" really, cause you just told me how great I look. Or the people who just assume I'm on a diet because I'm eating in small portions so I get "oh eating a little less are we" or "watching what you eat" I just want to yell at them, no asshole I want to pig out but dieting shrunk my stomach, come back in a hour when I eat more!

I also get a lot of how did you do it. Well I put down the chips and pop. I took my ass outside and worked for this! I didn't do drugs, and I never have done any that would cause this kind of weight loss. In fact, I'm against the use of any actual drug. I've seen it screw up to many friends life's, I've seen loved ones go to rehab, and I know people who have OD'd. So you can understand why its not my thing. Annnnnd I can a sure you that I'm ONLY going pee after my meal because I forgot to go before, not to throw up everything I just ate, in fact I hate puking which is why I don't drink heavy either.

When mother nature comes to, you know try and kill you, you and the whole world can see how bloated you are. Before I was to fat to notice any bloating. But now, OMG!

My boobs, where the fuck did they go. I went from DD, to a D cup. I feel like I'm flatter then paris hilton. I might even buy my first push up bra so they look nice and big!

When I look back out old pictures of myself, I cant believe how much of a huge cow I was. Makes me never want to go back to that size again, I might print a picture off and hang it in my room for motivation.

Lastly on my bitch list men.
I feel like all the guys in my life who are taking interest now is only because I'm not "fat" anymore. Which hurts, and sucks. I'm still the same person, only a different number on the scale. I laugh at all the same jokes, I wear my hair and make up the same way. I have the same thoughts and opinion as I always have. So why the sudden interest. Then there's the guys you know would NEVER be interested in you if you met them before the weight loss. There the guys I want to almost say away from, I feel like there only interested in me because they like they way I look, and you can just tell they wouldnt NEVER me caught kissing/dancing with a obese girl. However I cant say I blame them, we all have a type. I myself can say I became attractive to people after they lost weight, take Jonah Hill or Seth Rogen..

So peeps, anyone else feeling the same way as me?!

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