Wednesday, February 6


Linking up with Kenzie and Claire for...

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{no. 1} Did you watch the Superbowl? Do you tend to like sports or do you only watch them if it is a big event or something a friend or spouse is in to?
Im a baseball fan. Love everything about the sport. I cant get enough of it. Ill watch any team play, at any place. Guess I got that from my Amy & pock, there huge lovers of the sports. Incase your wondering, #GOJAYSGO - and no i didnt watch the superbowl, I still havent figured out what exactly a touchdown is. Plus it just seems so violant, cant we just throw a ball around and swing our sticks and say good game at the end and call it a day?

{no. 2} What is one thing you really like but cannot understand how or why other people do not?
One direction, I mean there so freaking cute! and there songs are so catchy "I just wanna show you off to all my friends, making them drool down there chinny, chin chin baby be mine tonight,mine tonight, baby be mine to night"

{no. 3} Describe/explain one thing that annoys you on daily basis.
Work related - I HATE when people call from there phones, excepting me to help them with a tech issue - guess what asshole, the first thing im going to tell you is, remove you battery or shut you phone off..

{no. 4} What is one food you've been really into lately or something you have really craved at one point?
Cinnamon hearts, I still haven't bought any so I best get a shit load next week!

{no. 5} Name one thing you are saving or want to save money for.
A trip to Abbotsford ,BC to visit this man right hurr


  1. My family are all pretty big fans of baseball, I don't mind watching it as long as my home team is playing haha. I watch the Superbowl for the snacks and half time show!
    I don't think I have heard any One Direction songs.. haha!
    Thanks so much for linking up with us!!

    1. YEah if i was to do superbowl, it would only be for the party!.. ugh, i LOVE one direction, ive been getting everyone to download them! DOOOOOOOOO IT!LOL your teenie bopper inside will love you!