Tuesday, February 5

Day 5; A picture of somewhere you've been.

Day 5
A picture of somewhere you've been.

The Beach, my favorite place. In Grandbend. I kid you not jersey fan it reminded me of jersey shore, minus the amusment parks.

Its a actual town, but people really only go there during the summer months. Hints the reason theres trees, cottages, and camp sites everywhere u go!

It has all drunks. Local, and people from out of town. Huge party place, you can walk downtown at anytime and always find someone partying, you just walk up say hello and start drinking.

Infact, the downtown, is set up like a boardwalk - Tshirt store, resturants, bars. Its epic. And I found the BEST pizza shop hands down, New Orleans

Is it any wonder why Id love to live in Grandbend.
Plus side, my main hoes uncle has a store there, which is also his house. Anytime were in town, we got a place to crash OR another plus side, its only about an hour or more away from my brother john, so it will give me more chances for moments like this #luvmynephews

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