Wednesday, February 20

Day 19

Day 19- write about a sweet memory from your past
When my brother and I were kids I thought I needed to do everything to protect him. After all I was the big sister, I was suppose to look out for my baby brother. When I was no more then 11 there was some kids in the neighbourhood making fun of me. I cant even really remember what it was about. All I can remember is my little brother comming out of no where full swinging ready to beat the crap out of these kids who were picking on his big sister.

Theres 5 years difference between my brother Jay and I, so imagine this little 6 year old running over to beat up other 11 year olds for picking on his older sis. Its one of the sweetest memories I have of my brother, wouldnt trade it for anything..well maybe a winning ending. We ended up in the hospital getting stiches because welll a 6 yr old tried to beat up a 11 year old.

Still to this day he doesnt let anyone gurt me. Hes my little big brother forever and ever!

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