Wednesday, February 20

Day 20

Day 20- write a letter to someone

Dear tony,
Its been almost a year since I saw u last and im still not use to knowing ill never know exactly when the next time I see you will be. I get so jealous over other girlfriends of mine when they can call their bestie without the long distance charges. I miss the days when I could show u what I was wearing instead of us uploading pictures to instagram.

No matter how much I miss u, or how much I want u here ill never let u move back home. Im so proud of u and the life YOU have created for urself. How many people cany say they left everything they knew and everyone they knew to move to another provience.

Things maybe getting crazy in our lives latly and we havent had our drunky fest phone calls in the middle of the day, or us spending hours talking about the hills and the drama that follows us like lc would say.

Not a day goes by that I dont think about u, or a memory we share. Youll always be my audrina ur irreplaceable, and I luv u bestie


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