Monday, January 7

Weekend Recap

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I had Jacob come over so that we can spend sometime together without his parents, and without his little brother Hudson. I picked him up late afternoon, and we headed straight to the mall. I still owed him a christmas present since they were sold out of blackberry tablets EVERYWHERE I went, I offered a gift card, but he said no its okay I can wait and we will get it later * Talk about feelng like a bag of shit while you watched him open the Tshirts you got him for christmas, but with a HUGE smile on his face because he loved them, and he loved the fact that I got him something, he didnt really care what I got him. Goes to show how simple kids really are eh? hope you never change Jacob! After shopping around the mall and grabbing dinner we headed to the moves to see "Parental Guidence". I never saw any previews for it, but the description sounds good, and it was I litteraly LAUGHED OUT LOUD sooo many times! After the movies we headed back to my place and watched a few more movies "Death At A Funeral" & "Funny People" I feel asleep during funny people so I still havent seen it yet, but I own it now so its all good in the hood.

We woke up around 11, and jacob finished "funny ppl" while I got ready to go out. We headed downtown to finish shopping (2 movies, and a video game later were still not done, simple my ass) We stopped in at this cosy little diner that I had enver heard of but its my new fav place I def will go back. After lunch we shopped around downtown a little more and I found some good deals on some TV season I wanted to watch like, "The Mentalist; season 1", The Hils; season 1 & 4 * already have 2&3), "Friends; season 1", "Dawsons Creek; season 3" and I also bought "Juno", "Funny people" "Macgruber", "My sisters keeper" and I think a few others, not sure I just kept finding all this stuff that I NEEDED wanted. After our shopping downtown was done we headed to future shop to...yep you guess it continue shopping, WHEN DOES IT END! *Yeah, Im totally wrapped around his finger, have been since he layed those big blues eyes on me, 13 years ago* Shortly after Amy & Pock came to pick up Jacob, and they drove me over to see my bro, who ended up ditchin me and his friend to meet his girl *which was only going to take 40 mins tops* 2 hours later Im still chillen with his friends, then I called it a night.

I ended up calling into work after missing the bus, and refusing to be late because I would be fired *Yeah, I work at THAT kind of place, well Im hanging on by the last string its not like they didnt give me chances, but life happens. I did call a cab, but when I noticed I had to be at work in 5 mins, and its ATLEAST a 10 min drive depending on traffic and I was still waiting for the cab I called THIRTY MINUTES ago, I called it a day ... at 10am. Which sucks because there was so many cool parties I wanted to go to but didnt cause I was suppose to work at 10am! BOOO - the rest of the day was spent chillen at home with my new seasons I started Dawsons creek, the hills, and the mentalist. I died my hair back to black mainly because I had it red streaks, and I was sick of dying it constantly Killing dying it because of my roots, my hair isnt natually black but I refuse to search for the deepest dark brown, so this is as close as it gets!

How was your weekend, did anyone leave you as broke as Jacob left me?!

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