Tuesday, January 8

Tuesday Topics: Week 2 ; 9 blogs

Linking up with Lauren for...

The Austin Family Diary

**Dont look for last weeks linkup, Im a bad blogger and didnt do it cause I couldnt come up with 10 New Year Resolutions, guys thats alot .. I have one, to keep on livin, l-i-v-i-n yes that was a dazed and confused reference ;) **

This week;
9 Blogs ..

In no partical order, because i love them all ..

Because shes brave and strong and we share the same love for god. Read about her amazing stories on adoption and stories about her rock star husband

Because she does some of my fav link ups!

Because I havent found a blogger whos funnier, I mean she uses words like "fuckstick cookies" and "prickasourous" that was just 1 post. She also titles her post the most hilarious titles like "Hot Tamales" which are more new blogs to follow!

Because everytime I read one of this girls posts I cant stop laughing, and her OOTD photos, KILLER. plus this chick blogs about not only drinking beer, but she also has a sweater with a beer holder .. HOW.EPIC.

Because like Alissa, shes way to funny. Some of her post are pee your self laughing, and some of them make you think wow what a strong person!

I Wore Yoga Pants
Because shes funny, down to earth gal just figuring out life!

Because shes honest, her spirits are beautfiul and she just got married looked STUNNING!

Because shes like me a drink in the hand and good stories to talk about when the parties over!

Because shes random, weddigns,babies,concerts,her hubby,her puppy, make up, and of corse the hard times she covers it all, while keeping things funny!

So now you know my top 9, show em some love and tell 'em who sent ya!


  1. Aw, thanks so much for featuring me, KT! You're the nicest! And I clicked a couple of your blog friends to check them out :)

    1. awesome, hope you enjoy them as much as i do :)

  2. Thanks for linking up! We have some of the same favs :)

    1. thanks for hosting, cant wait till next week, i love these little count downs!

  3. Thanks for including me!! Good drinks and good stories, we're definitely kindred spirits ;)

  4. Replies
    1. you rock too! as long as you keep the link up comming LOL

  5. Oh my gosh what a great surprise!!! Thank you so much for including me in this amazing list!!!!!! You're awesome!!