Sunday, December 30

Sunday Confessions

Linking up with Alyz for ...

1.I not really a fan of NYE
- granted Ill wish everyone a happy NYE, and share NYE eCards but at the end of the day. Its just another day to me.

2.My brother REALLY pissed me off.
- Ive always had that lil shits back. Forever and always, when my mom took him away from me and move to the states for a little while I vowed when he came home id never let him go. That I would always protect him and that I would never let him feel alone again. However when I needed him, when I felt alone, When I asked for him to be somewhere that I needed his support and his strenght he couldnt be bothered to be there.

3. Im in a rut and it needs to change.
-I just wish I could change it. I dont want to do anything, I dont want to be anywhere with anyone. Its a unsual and unwanted

4. Im SO sick of being single
-Im even more sick of hearing, it will happen when you least expect it. Doesnt everyone expect to find love so how can it happen when you least expect it?!

5. Im down 103 pounds,


  1. Holy cow, congrats on the weight loss, lady! That is amazing!
    And I've never really been a fan of NYE.

    Thanks for linking up!