Monday, December 31

My 2012 Timeline

I spent my NYE with my main hoe, shout out to my new hoes,

Feb I started listing to my head instead of my heart and decided I was better then that,I wasnt the type of girl to sit around waiting and hoping for a man, a man who claimed he loved me. I moved on, and started feeling free and happy

In march My not so little jacob became a teenager, yeah its been fun! I also helped surprise my BFF with her 25th birthday, a day im sure she'll never forget,

not to mention its when we got our new apt, and added my 7th tattoo
'you only live once, and if you do it right once is enough'.

and hoe saturday went into full effect.

In april your darn right I took some time off to celebrate my favorite holiday ;)

I also more then enjoyed and visit from my home skillet biscuit and his boyfriend.

May was spent at the beach soaking up ray,

singing songs and chasing boys, & eatting icecream cones!

Its where I also found a love for punk metal bands, dance with gay boys who were high on ecstasy, and ate what I could only assume was a chocolate peanut egg and found some of my fav clubs in London Town!

June was spent getting drunk, acting stupid with my best friends *insert blink 182 song here*

& spending time with my fav lil men Bub & Brandon

July my family lost some great friends,paul and cindy hope you living it up in paradise! My bub turned 4 I got a visitor all the way from Florida * Miss you JoJo & Liz*!! I turned 25 to celebrate my life I drank and drank and drank, right into August where we also drank to celebrate my wonder friends getting married!

Sept went by so fast it felt like a blur, oct is where we drank and celetebrated with the mitts on there wedding day.

Its also main hoes Bday so you know we celebrated the london way!

November flew past too altough I thought it drag on since I wasnt living with my wonderful roomies anymore, and I was hoping to be a auntie to a neice for the first time,but he came out so perfect and healthy and cute, I couldnt imagine dressing mr malaichi in pink.

December marks not only the end of an amazing year, but the end of my goal. Ive lost 103 pounds, I set out for 100, so going down 3 more is fine by me.
I started @ around 200 pounds,

And Im ending the year weighing 161 pounds!

I wish I could say it ended as good as it began but unfortanally I lost another person this year. RIP uncle sunny you will be missed but never forgotten in all of us, your memory lives.

Honorable mentions,
Getting Drunk with Scotty, its ALWAYS a good time!
- espicall when he window watches, or invites shannon aka mr shag over.

You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose ..
And now you can pick your friends noses too!

Just because your friend may be living the sober life doesnt mean she cant come out and have fun too.

Doing my fav out door activity!
-atleast outdoors you dont hear the wii saying 'feel that burrrrrn'
To all my bloggers near and far
Happy Newyear, best wishes to you all!!


  1. love it!!! <3 your main hoe!! xx 2013-- here we come!!

  2. Hi, Great post. I found you through the blog hop. Please stop by and say hi when you get a chance. Have a great week.