Friday, November 23

Your My BFF Because ...

This is my main hoe!

Last nigh that hoe brought up a valid point, I don't really talk about her as often as a should, and I needs to stop talking about the farmer so damn much - not my fault he's entertaining..

So here it goes.

We met when were wittle babies! Our parents lived in the same building, which is just at the end of her current st * Random I know* Anyway long story short we became best friends after that bitch gave my blue crayon back, but I drank the last juice box so really I had it comming ;)

We went to kindergarden & elementry together * For the most part* In highschool we started to drift apart, guess we were just two different people. Or as she likes to say, she was in a bad place and didnt want me "the good one" to see her - long story short, a few years later she clean up her act and we started spending more and more time together again.

Theres no one I laugh harder with, No friend I love more * Your equal with Tony, I just cant pick!*, No one who listens to me bitch and cry more then you!

You are my sunshine when clouds are gray, you'll never know dear how much I love you, So don't take my sunshine away!

Since we live for Ecards I found 10 that reminded me of us!

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