Thursday, November 22

Chickita China The Chinese Chicken..

Hey my peeps, whats the word on the streets ?
other then the fact my americans bloggers are stuffing there faces with amazing foods!! jealous, but i was doing the same last month so i cant really ever today im linking up with Amber

Brunch With Amber


Its Ok Thursdays

So i guess I can complain a little ...

..Its okay that im NOT eatting turkey today while my other bloggrs are enjoying family times with delicious foods! well atleast I hope y'all an enjoying yourselfs.

..Its okay to spend your entire day off watching treehouse, as long as its with one of the cutest boys in the world..

..Its okay to still be REALLY excitied for Frosty & Roudoulph to be coming on TV. I refuse to buy the DVD and watch it anytime I want because it takes away that special feeling I still get every year when I see the commerical come on!

..Its okay to miss you nephews so much it hurts when the last time you saw them wasnt even 48 hours ago, but its not knowing the next time ill see them that hurts.

..Its okay to work on your day off *tomorrow* to have a little extra cash to blow on christmas gifts

..Its okay to just start reading the new testment even thou youve been slowly reading it your entire life.. atleast I know and understand most of the stories!

Annnnd Its also okay to show another blog some love on this post, Im also doing a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram link up over at Dianes blog


So stop on over there after visiting with amber and link up your fav socical sites!


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