Friday, November 23

Friday Letters.

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Dear Audri,
Since I dont say it enough. You ARE MY BESSSSSSSSST FRIEND! whom I love to drink with, hoe with, talk with, bitch with, and do nothing with.

Dear Jay,
Would you make some new, of age friends. This girls who little boys you hangout with are beyond fuckin stupid!

Dear Aunty,
Dont make promises you cant keep, and except me to understand. When you tell me your flying here to help me get help for my brother, and then you never show. Dont call no responce at all. Seeing how ive already been thru so much with family and trying to get Jay help I thought you of all people should understand that

Dear John,
Thank you so much, I dont know what I would do with out your help.

Dear Ryan,
I've done EVERYTHING for you. Anything you fuckin asked of me I did it. I lied for you and covered you ass in every situation. I picked you up from jail at 3am when you had no one else. I drove you the 3 hours to spend 2 hours with your son. Im the one who put my ass on line by lying under oath for you, by driving around drugs in my car for you. And you repay me by stealing $450 I gave you to pay for a loan. A loan thats now outstanding and im being sued for the grand amount of $1450, but what do you care. You left for alberta, your not around here anymore. I dont say this often, but I hate you.

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