Sunday, November 25

Random Things, Wk 4

Welcome to anther wk of my random things!

Last week was "Describe your relationship with your parents.", You can find that post "Here"

This week "List 10 things you would tell your 16 year-old self, if you could."

{one} Hold on tight its about to get rough.

{two} Your mom was right about your dad, dont be so hard on her when shes trying to express her concern.

{three} Your going to hate your mom for a long time to come because of the lies you thought she was telling you, when she was really protecting you from knowing the truth about your father

{four} Amys going to be the best things thats ever going to happen to you

{five} all the disapointments will lead you somewhere

{six} Keep fighting with those friends your fighting with. Your fights make you stronger and before you know it your celebrating 20 & 25 years of friend ships.

{seven} Be easy on your brothers theres a lot in life his going to experience thats going to hurt you more then him at first.

{eight} Stay in school, you might deicied you dont want to be a teacher at some point, but youll come to know teaching is your passion

{nine} GET OFF THE INTERNET! nothing exciting is ever going to come from it - said NO ONE EVER

{ten} enjoy being young, you cant fix everything at 16.

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