Monday, November 12

Weekend Recap

Welcome To My "weekend Recap" with Sami

After work I was suppose to hangout with a really good friend from high school, but because growing up sucks she spent the morning at the clinic with a sick kiddo, meaning she didn't get to work the mooring and had to work the afternoon shift. she had to cancel. Instead I use the extra time to get ready to get shit faced at Tabby & Robs * OH MY GOD, side note danielle I just noticed I didn't go over to ur place to get my scanty order,sorry!!* Anyway Farmer & I went over to drink our faces off. Tab was still working, but one of robs friends was there so I hangout with the boys, and grabbed food! Where I got a nerd 101 lesson about, hammer heads ..or war heads, I really don't know. Because its dorky and I don't care, but its pretty cute to here farmer go on about something he thinks I'm understanding. When Tabby got home she brought my friend Kate whom I LOVE and haven't seen in FOREVER! We continued drinking and a few hours later I suggested street frisbee in the park. We stayed out for about an hour, then headed back to the house. We ended up staying up until about 830am, when Farmer went home to bed, so did I and everyone else.

I spent saturday night at Tabby & Robs again, because tabby told me she would eat my face miss me if i left. We relaxed that night seeing how no one woke up until 5pm. Audri came over around 8, and we headed to visit her step dad for about an hour who was TRASHED but its okay I LOVE drunk danny, he makes me laugh so hard! We also ran into little rick who we try and avoid overtime we see him, but no go this time. After hanging out there we went back to Tabby & Robs to continue drinking. Audri headed back to her sisters who was SOOO RUDE said audri couldn't stay past 11 was nice enough to let audri come over, and then Robs old work friend just moved back from AB so she came over for a while and played some drinking games with her. About 3 we called it a night.

I woke up around noon and got my Amy & Pock to give me a lift home. It was the most Ive seen them, or hudson in 2 weeks I def missed them, and the 20 min drive wasn't long enough. Hopefully I see them this weekend!! When I got home I rushed around and got ready for work. Which I HATE by the way. At least once a week im crying at work cause my tool and shit arent working right but ur still expected to do ur job while getting chewed out when shit isnt done right. After work my mom had me over for dinner. She made meat loaf was pretty good if I do say so myself ;). I headed back to my place around 10, then bed shortly after. All in all it was a good weekend.

How was urs??

oh and YES i did noticed im 2 weeks behind on posts! come by tonight i may have some new stuff. No promises, Im DVD hunting I may spend the night watching movies :p

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