Sunday, November 18

Confessions Sunday

Linking up this sunday with Every day is a new adventure.

{ONE} I Totes Ma Goats need to start blogging more.

{TWO} I need to learn how to let go of my fears of being hurt.

{THREE} I need to focus on only helping people who are willing to help themselves

{FOUR} I wasted my days off sleeping and not searching for new job. Dropped the ball there ..

{FIVE} I have so much to say, but I feel like I should watch what Im saying on here, although that is the point of my blog, to be able to say exactly how I feel. So whys it so hard to do!!

Hope everyone had a good weekend, be sure to stop by tomorrow when I post about my weekend, or later this week when I do some more eCard posts.


  1. totes ma goats! blast from the awesome past!
    I'm definitely starting to feel the limits of my blog - I thought having a "readership" would be cool but now I'm worried about offending those anonymous faces.
    you're RIGHT they're OUR blogs so we SHOULD be able to write what we want!!
    The others will just have to deal #ifonlyitwasthateasy.

  2. Don't worry about offending people on your blog... I've had days where I've lost a few followers because of things I've said, but 1. I don't know those people in real life and 2. why should I have to censor who I really am?

    Thanks for linking up last week!