Monday, November 19

Weekend Recap!

Its that time again .. Im doing my weekly recap with Sami Today, which seems to be the only thing I've posted in a week sorry guys, Ill try and be a better blogger :p!!

I was off all day and relaxed in bed till about 3pm. IT WAS GREAT! I got ready and headed to hang with my brother Jordan at his place. I was planning on going to visit Tabby that night but I had to wait on Farmer to pick me up, so I started drinking early, as in with dinner. By the time Farmer got there at 1130, I was "wasty Pants". He dropped me off at Tabbys and her and Ihad some drinks and headed to the local bar to hangout. After the bar, farmer came back over and the 3 of us hungout for a few hours. A few friends from highschool came over and as it turns out there friends with Farmer too! We stayed up untill the wee hours drinking and laughing. Around 4 Rob came home, at first he wasnt to impressed at the house full of people just getting off work I cant blame him. After awhile he calmed down, and was having fun with the rest of us. Not to long later Farmer drove the girls home and Me and everyone else went to bed.

I went to hangout with Hudson for a little bit. My goodness hes so smart last week I dont even thing I ever heard him say the word rectangle, and this week hes drawing them and explaining the difference between that and a square. He also kinda learnt the concept of money, he can tell me the difference between a penny,a dime,and quarters. Makes you realize it really is the small things you take for granted. Later that afternoon Geoff gave me a lift back to town and I hung out at my moms. I was planning on going home that night, however I was just way to tired so I just relaxed there for the night. Then I remember what it was to be a 20 yr old again partying on a weekend, I swore my brother and his friends came in and out 1500 times in the middle of the night. To the point where I had to tell some of them to peace the fuck out, and not come back for the rest of the night. Mind you it was 330am!!

I hungout at my moms untill it was time to go to work, only for a 4 hour shift. I know I works so hard, actually I do. Hints the lack of posts lately :p. After work i went home to finally straighten my hair, bought a really good one like 2 years ago, its been at my amys for like a year cuz tabbys was better, even though i paid $200 for mine!! Ahh well, i relaxed to "Dawsons creek" for the rest of the night.

So my fellow hoes, how was ur weekend?!

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