Wednesday, November 7

Random Ecards!

My fav eCards from Trumblr this week

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"It's a blog hop for the misfits. The punks. The tattooed mamas. The colorful ones. The people who don't fit in. The ones among us who aren't cookie cutter. We may not always be PG-13. But we have a voice and a lot to say."

Back to regular programming...

My first thoughts when I get invited to a wedding or somewhere seated...

Story of my life! - Im a BITCH accept it and stop saying im funny,i REALLY dont like you :p

LOL this just made me giggle

Sailors my middle name ;)

Theres some many times Ive wanted to say this...

LOL, next time someone says haha nice drunk text, my responce will be..

In highschool I wore sock with my sandles. And pock made so much fun of me, turns out when he plays baseball, he wheres sock with sandles well hes waiting around inbetween games, atleast now i know socks and sandles arent cool...he still does it!! :P

Another LOL

Thats how my Amy taught me :)

Well I dunno about your friendships, but aleast half of mine are ;)

Dear Lil wayne, I Still love you!!! <3 xoxoxoxoxo

I am team Obama, however this is also how I feel about elections...


  1. these are all great!
    new follower btw :)

    we are having a link up tomorrow, come by!

  2. Snorting out loud over so many of these ecards! I love them! Visiting via the Sunday Sync :)