Monday, November 5

wknd recap!

Welcome To My "weekend Recap" with Sami Friday, I had to work since im doing more trainging. After work I went back to spend my final night with the roomies.

Panic mode set in. I was told that audris ex would help me move with his truck still, but I hadent heard from him. Finally around 1or 2 he sends me a txt saying hes still going to help.. Thanks god!! I moved all the boxes outside and waited. Finally he came over, me farmer and john loaded up the truck, first with my bed, then we came back for everything else. After that john headed home, while farmer and I went over to hangout with his friend, whos dating a friend of mine from school so it was great catching up, she also showed me the trailor for magic mike *yeah, I kno im just seeing it now.. Thats how beind in times I *. I came back later to finish unpacking, however thats where the packing ended, and drinks and card games with the new roomates started!

I layed around all day bored as shit. Who knew living litterly 20mins away could make life so boring, especially without a car! I finished unpacking the place and headed over to hangout with my little brother. Didnt know it at the time but she was about to make a damn good dinner. Porkchops corn and patatoes .. Mmm mmm. I ended up spending the night there just relaxing!!

Sooo do tell... How was ur weekend!?

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