Thursday, November 29

Thoughts For Thursday!

I found this article on BMI on Jezebel. Which I like to call ,
seventeen mag has a BMI Calculator WTF I had no idea what a BMI calculator was up until last year when I started my weight loss journey *note toself weighself this wk*. The post talks about how on the magazines website for "seventeen" there is a BMI calculator.


With all the weight issues that teenage girls are facing now a days I find it completly unacceptable for a magazine targeted to TEENAGES print things that should maybe be found in more "grown up" magazine like cosmo FFS. I remember reading this magazine when I was a kid, and pulling out the pin up posters of all the celeb boys I had crushes for, or my favorite cast memebers for my favorite tv shows. I ripped out hundreds of DYI clippings, and read my horriscope. I DID NOT buy a teeneage magazine to inquire things about my health and weight.

However maybe your thinking that a teenager knowing there BMI might be helpful, and that it could be a positive thing, but isnt that why people are suppose to be taking there CHILDREN to doctors, because lets not forget "17" is a far cry away from being a adult, and fully aware of your body. Most teenagers now adays are so self obbsessed,adults to - but this post isnt related to that, its related to the fact that the BMI on the seventeen website is wrong!

A teenager name Shirley Wang whos 17 is recovering from anorexia, on the website she found it shows a chart claiming 14.8 to be in the healthy BMI range for an 18-year-old (she's closer to 18 than 17). However when compared to U.S goverment BMI chart it states "Based on the height and weight entered, the BMI is 14.8 , placing the BMI-for-age below the 1st percentile for girls aged 18 years 0 months. This teen is underweight and should be seen by a healthcare provider for further assessment to determine possible causes of underweight."

ANYONE ELSE IS A ISSUE WITH THIS, and we wonder why theres so many eating/weight issues with teenage girls. This magazine had NO REASON at all to post this is there, the fact that I know 17 yr olds, who read this magazine and are concered about there weight(with no need to be). They think is info's correct, there teenages there not going to google the correct info and compair it with a chart in a magazine. These teenagers trust them, just like I trust cosmo for the perfect sex tips, and pimple tips without googling to confirm them.

Oh and incase your wondering they do have a disclaimer, “FYI: BMI is the best do-it-yourself way to figure out if your weight is healthy. But the most accurate tool is a growth chart analysis and body fat test at a doctor's office.” -

However I wonder how many teenagers actually read that part!However, the BMI isnt the only thing seventeen pisses me off about. Another is the quizs that I saw, RIGHT BESIDE the BMI also are yoiu too focused on food, are you nutrition lable expert ? ...SERIOUSLY ..WHAT.THE. FUCK!

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