Tuesday, October 23

My friends are married, and im just 25 getting drunk

If you dont know who Dan Levy is you are a fuckin loser!

Or im a loser for know who is is, either way one of us = LOSER!

He hosted a show called "The Aftershow" which use to play @ 1030, right after "The Hills" which aired at 10 @ the 10 spot on MTV every monday night. Okay its clear who the loser is now!

Anyway, he shared this on his facebook and I had to share with all you "Losers" any way, check the link out




  1. That website is fantastic! I feel the same way. (except 29 and drunk).
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  2. Haha. I love Tumblr. I'm following it now (my tumblr is mama-dee.tumblr.com if you're interested...I have like no followers).

    Also, I definitely had no idea who Dan Levy was. Except that he's Eugene Levy's son.

    1. I just created it now, and added you to mine lol no ones following me so feel free!