Monday, October 29

Wknd Recap

Welcome To My "weekend Recap" with Sami

I had a surprise visit from Pocks oldest daughter Meaghan. He and I became close when she came to live with us 2, maybe 3 years ago now. I first met her when she was 16, for a week she came to visit with us, but then after she left back home for north bay ( A few hour drive from where I live) no one ever heard from her again. However good old face book helped track her down. She came to live with us, and it was a huge adjustment for everyone but eventually it all worked out. Meag & I hung out most of the day with Hudson (which would be her little brother) I bought some more halloween candy, a costume (which I never wore, and since it cost $40 Im really hoping I can return it). After school I picked up Jacob and drove Meag back to meet her friend who was giving her a life home. Once we got back to the house I hung out with the boys for a while until my ride got there to pick me up for my friends party. I hadn't seen him in a while so I was really excited to see him. Once I got to his place with my roomie tabby I was even more excited to see his mom and son were there to. I also got to meet his great GREAT grandmother. Like holy shit dude, I don't even have my grandparents alive, let alone great grandparents. After we left his moms a few of us went back to his place to finish drinking, and eventually my brother and his friend came and took tabby and I home.

I had to work until 630 so after work I hit the LCBO did a made clean on my house and got ready for my halloween party! I dressed up as a toasted western aka a half black cowgirl! It was just the usual punch of us. We played drinking games and listen to music until the wee hours. Poor farmer was completely done, however karma kicked me in the ass when I spent HOURS puking the next day. In fact I have no sunday to write about this week I slept. The entire time. As in I puked from 8-12, Farmer woke me up around 3 when he was able to finally get out of bed to go home. then at 9PM I was woken by Robs friend realized I was hungry, watched a few episodes of scrubs and went back to bed till 5am.

How was your weekend :), be sure to visit yesterdays post on "Random Things"

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