Wednesday, October 31

Winter Card Blues, Ecard editon

Its been getting darker out, and colder out which can only mean 1 thing...
FUCK MY LIFE, yeah im so ticked off I couldn't write FML, I needed y'all to understand that ...
I HATE winter.
Like I mean I really hate it, more then the ppl who bitch and chew about hating winter. Like I'd totes ma goats cut off my left tit and sell it to the devil him(or her) self to have hotness all year round!
or plan B, move some where HOT!!!

So this week I turned to good Ecards and to cheer me up with these so Epic cards!

Check em out ;)

I must admit this is the ONLY good part about winter coming!!

Seriously, I bought a shit load of fall/winter clothes - a week later +20 .. and tonight I'm freezing my balls off wondering if I can just throw candy out the window at the trick or treaters instead of standing in the cold!

Winter does bring cute fashion :)... and LOTS OF COLDNESS! FML :(

Thats exactly what I think when I see you nerds wearing em! FTW PPL

HAHA, yeah exactly ..

This just made me LOL like no other ;)

And one more since its halloween guys,


  1. Come to NZ it's spring here!
    Thanks for linking up to Followers to Friend's blog hop, I hope you met some cool new bloggy friends :)
    Happy Halloween x

    P.S. Shabby Apple are giving away a dress on my blog if you want to enter!

    1. Id love some spring weather lol :p
      not as much as free clothes, on the way there now ;)