Monday, October 8

Happy Thanksgiving

Since its thanks giving here figured id dedicate a post for all that im thankful

My followers,
Never would imagine at all these ppl enjoy reading what I have to say so much :)

Im thankful for u cuz u understand me, u yell at me when im wrong tell me to go fuck myself when im right. U dont let me do things that will hurt me, u always look out for me. Your the one person who can talk me into anything or out of anything

Because u never let me fail. No matter how big or small the task is u make sure its done. You make me feel like I really am your biological child!

becuase ur my big brother!you showed me how to ride a bike and rollerblades. You can understand me like no other, and ur special to me .. Since we met you never judge ur my favorite person!

Because ur my little brother. You keep me up at night worried sick, but then you smile at me and say im okay and im sorry sis. Just like that your forgiven, sometimes when I feel like I have nothing I think of u, your always going to need me and im always going to need you.

Because ur a ginger! My one and only. In the last 16 years ive never fought so hard yet loved a friend so hard as I do u! All our stupid shit and we always rise above it.. Thatz true friendship.

Because ur a racist,lol jk. However you are my white bitch. You make me laugh all the time. You do all u can do to make me happy and I may not say it enough but luv u!

Happy canadian thanks giving! Im thankful for u because u dont let shit come between us! I can always count on u, miles away but I know if I needed u I could just txt u whenever!

Because u push my limits. You made me realize how much patient I can truly have for a person. You made me laugh, made me cry and taught me a lot of cool shit along the way too.

Because ur alwayz there for me, last yr was really hard for me you talked me thru my fight with the boys and ill always luv u for that.

Because your my big sister. You care so much, your such a strong amazing women and I would give any thing to be half as amazing as you are.

My nephews & my 2 lil men,
Because you make me laugh. When im sad I cam count on a hug or even just a smile for any of u 6 boys and it would brighten my day. It breaks my heart that I can mt see you all and hold you and give you all my luv and cuddles!