Sunday, October 21

30 things, wk 2.. 3 fears.

Since last was so much fun, Im going to do this every sunday!

Last week was "Random Facts", You can find that post "Here"

This Week,
Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

Gaining weight.
I never cared about my weight before and I was ALWAYS heavy since I can remember. When I started thinking of the future and having kids I thought I really need to control my weight to ensure that when I'm ready I'll be healthy to have a child considering I don't want any until my 30's. So I set out on a life goal, and I really succeeded (almost -100pnds) However, now I'm so proud of losing all this weight that I'm really scared to eventually put it all back on.

Being alone.
My mothers only loved one man, my father. He treated her so horrible emotionally that she I feel she never wants to be hurt like that again, so she just simply doesn't date anyone. Since I can remember shes only dated 2 guys, one convinced her to leave me and move to the states with my brother, and the other turned out the be a pedafiler.

Not succeeding.
Im not sure what I want to be in life, Im afraid that if I don't set out for something soon that I'm not going to have an education and ill be some loser who just works at a call center for the reset of her life!

Come back next sunday for next weeks question,

"3. Describe your relationship with your parents."

Trust me your not going to want to miss this action packed post, and if ur a shirk feel free to add some insight as to WTF is wrong with them!

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