Monday, July 30

Weekend recap

Welcome To My "weekend Recap" with Sami

Friday I booked off work to go to the jays game, before the game started I went to the wake of my families friends who past away last Thursday night. I never thought it would be as hard to see them rest as it was, knowing Ill never heard Paul and Cindy voices wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be. Man I really cant express how truly sorry I am, but at the same time how proud I am of there 3 kids, who stood there smile on the faces, gave there thank you speeches. They just stood there looking so strong as the 3 of them supported each other. After I left there, my friend Amber came and picked me up to go to Oshawa, where I met my brother in -law and nephew to board the train to union! The Jays game was amazing, I went to go take a picture of my man Brett Lawrie when all of a sudden this happened!

Hit straight to 3rd. <3 And when I went to take a picture of Travis Snider, this happened!


- How amazing, its like they knew I was waiting and watching them ;)

After the game we got food from WaToo's, and headed back to my sisters house. John, my brother in law and I stayed up for a few hours watching TV, found my new guilty pleasure "King of Thrones".

I spent the morning relaxing with my sister, and sister in law watchin my nephews play <3. I love spending time at my sisters house, its so relaxing. Audri came and got me later that afternoon (while getting lost 400 times, when all I gave here were 3 simple directions!LOL,blondes :p jokes) we headed back home and got ready for a hoe saturday. First we had a double date with this guy I've been talking to on this dating site I signed up for a few weeks ago, * which has been a complete waste of time * WORST DATE EVER! - * check out that post here * . After the date, I headed to the city to go to the bar anyway, we ended up bar hoping, I got out of the cab & I left my cell on the back seat. Yep my dell fuckin streak. They phone that I cracked the operating system on because it hadn't been released yet for the phone, plus the 16G memory card, plus 1000+ pictures of my self in my bra/undies that I was taking for my weight loss pictures, there's pictures of my nephews on there, and EVERYONE knows how many creeps there are out there. I called and cancelled the line immediately, but still you never know what can be done with those things.

I did nothing. I have no connection to the outside world. No cable, no internet, no contacts so I ended up missing my friends bridal party. Ugh I really hope she forgives me I feel like such an ass for not being there to support her, after she chose to put me in the wedding party. I was littererly so upset about my phone that I didn't know what to do with myself, after an hour long work out, pacing back and forth, I took at 8 hour nap, and when I woke up I was still so upset, Its not the phone that I lost its replaceable, its the fact that this phone is so technically advanced that the person who found the phone wouldn't even be able to appreciate it. Oh well that's what I get for being drunk and bar hoping with my phone!

Hope everyone's weekend was better then mine =)


  1. A lot of baseball games this weekend!

    1. I noticed that to, can you tell its summer time or what LOL - thanks for stopping by!