Thursday, July 5

Thursday 13 : Current Status

Another week has past, whoa time flies I guess. Anyway, for my top 13 this week I took some inspiration from Aunie "current status"

1. Wearing

Shorts, my fav yellow T, and a sweat, its chilly at work :p

2. Doing


3. Drinking

Water, what else - however I did have a Pepsi, annnnd a chocolate milk, which may explain the tummy ache

4. Music in the background

no music, just the chatting of other co-workers, and the sound of keyboards typing

5. Plans for the evening

home - smoke - scrubs - bed .. lather rinse repeat shit

6. Hairstyle of the day

hair pulled back into a bun

7. Nail Design

REALLY bad, as in 3/10 nails are still fully painted, 5 are really badly chipped, and 2 of them don't have any nail polish left on them at all - i look like a totally prostitute *insert the" I like big butts" beat here*

8. Lunch


9. Positive for the day

Tomorrows Friday

10. Negative for the day

Today's Thursday

11. Lusting after

A vaca

12. Looking forward to

The weekend

13. Thinking

Is it home time yet...

1 comment:

  1. Looooove your chocolate milk and hair in a bun! Sounds like an awesome morn :)