Wednesday, July 4

Happy Birthday

I cant even begin to imagine how much love I'm going to have for my own children, because this one lil guy particulary, stole my heart!

Dear Hudson,
Happy 4th Birthday Bub, I'll love you forever and a day.

*No idea where the nickname came from, I never give nicknames to the kiddos, "Bub" just stuck since day 1*

When I found out that your mom was pregnant, I was excited and nervous at the same time. A few years back, your mom and dad tried for a baby, but things didn't work out as planned and after 6 months, your mom lost her. I cant imagine how hard it was for her, but I was trying to not get to excited about you, but you mommas a strong women, I did't really doubt her I knew she wouldn't let it happen twice. God knew she was ready this time, it was finally her time to have another baby, for whatever reason God knew she just wasn't ready before so he kept Anna for himself, but he gave us you, Hudson Alexander. The funnies kid I know.

Your so sweet, yet acts you act so tough. You love to follow your dad around, and do everything his dad does. You love morning cuddles the best, when its just you and I on the couch. Your so adventurous, every time you see someone doing something you want to do it, or at least know why /how there doing it. Your a little shy at first, but that only last about 30 seconds. Riding your bike is your new favorite The littlest things make you happy, and I hope that never changes (You actually asked for and were forever great full for your new garden hose, enjoy buddy).

With every year that passes I fall move and more in love. I cant believe your already 4, and in 2 short months you start school, and your brother Jacob will be starting his last year in elementary. I wish that you two would slow down for a min and let me just enjoy the time I have with you guys, you grow up so quick.

I cant wait to see your 5th and 6th and 7th birthday, and watch you blow my mind with amazement as you learn new things year after year!

Love Always,

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