Thursday, June 21

Thursday 13 : DIY Edition!

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This week the 13 DIY projects are inspired by Pinerterest..

1 .Pencil/Pen Holder
How cute & simple does this look

2 . Post Card Journal

At the end of summer, I wanna take all the photos & memories and make of of these

3.Personalized hangers
Arent these to die for!

4. chocolate covered rice-krispie treats
Might make these for my roomies scenty party this weekend.

5. Painted Rocks
A cute little idea for Hudson & I to try.

6. Glass Etching
How cute would these be, make a wine glass and write drinking words on them!

7. Colored Heels
Fun little activity to try with the girlfriends

I thought this was the cutest DIY hold ever!

9. Polka-dot nails
Totally want to try this sometime soon!

Again, another fun date for Hudson& I - this one I'm sure Jacob would love to!

11. Photo - in- a - jar
Another craft to make at the end of summer, or I might put wedding photos and give it to my cousin for he wedding anniversary gift

12. Slime
I cant wait to try this one out with Jacob.

13. Homemade pictures
I may give this to my girl friends as a bridal shower gift this summer, but I cant imagine how depressing the photo would be if heaven forbid they split up - then again, I think the photo I make will be the least of the problem.

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