Tuesday, June 19


This morning my brother John & I were talking about what the ratio between black kids who have fathers and dead beat fathers, and basically when a mother should choose adoption when the father isn't playing a role.. the conversation then changed to gays and adoption.. Went something like this

"well that's the problem, gays shouldn't adopt" - John

"so you mean to tell me, that you would rather have a child raise in a group home, bounced around to different foster homes. With the possibility for the child(ren) getting molested, or abused mentally or physically?" - Me

I really couldn't believe it especially since his child's half white. I just don't get how people can discriminate like that. Imagine if someone told you, that you couldn't be a parent because your the same sex as your partner. How is it fair to deny a child to grow up in a home where he will be loved and taught all the same life lessons that straight parents would show there kids.

Discrimination is what is wrong with the world. Its 2012 and people still cant accept gays, no I'm not gay. I've never thought about being gay, I've never gone through the gay stage. I know that its not something that you choose. You have no control over being gay, or what blood type your going to have. The fact that people still think there's a difference between being gay and straight. It shouldn't define you as a person.

then john said ..

"Well gays just annoy me, there to fairy like"

my response

"AS IF, DO 'BLACKS' JUST ANNOY YOU, DO REDHEADS ANNOY YOU .. no the person annoys you"

Yes im half black, do I rob, and steal and gang bang - no because that's a stereotype. Not all blacks are gangster rappers, and not all gays are 'fairy like'. My best friend Tony is gay, has been in a relationship with he same guy just for 4 or 5 years now. John has met both of them so I knew this would be a great example. Tony's personality is loud, annoying and out there. He likes bright shit, he loves shoes and purses. That's just him, he fits in the "fairy like" category, but then there's his boyfriend Justin. Hes a mans man, he rolls with the punches, he watches sports, he acts like your typical male, but hes gay. So how is that hes not all "fairy like", because its called a "stereo type"


  1. This is something I feel VERY strongly about but I'll try not to ramble too much. It just infuriates me.

    Good parenting has nothing to do with one's sexuality. I know plenty of gay people who would be incredible parents. In this town, I know a lot of heterosexual people popping babies out all over the place who SHOULDN'T be. If a gay couple wants to adopt, the fact that they are gay isn't relevant and shouldn't count towards anything. As long as they can love and provide for a child, that's all that matters.

    Stereotyping anybody is absolute bull shit and something that really drives me insane are the people who still yammer on about Jewish stereotypes. "Cheap as a jew." and "Your big Jewish nose." Like are you fucking kidding me? It really hasn't been that long since 5 million Jewish men, women, and children were MURDERED in cold blood and people still make jokes about it. It's not funny, it's insensitive, and it teaches people that what happened during the Holocaust is okay. We need to set an example for today's youth so that stuff like this doesn't happen again!

    Okay, I'm done rambling.

    1. yes! thats exactly m point! ppl make jokes, and they dont really thing thre kids understand, but they do understand then they say it to there friends who dont understand but then both kids become confused and thats how bullying starts when they see the kid with the big nose, whos prob not even jewish any way!