Friday, January 22

Its Friiiiiiiiiiiiday!

Whats up bitches?!

Its friday, are you excitied cause im excited...

Before I start blabbing away about my week don't forget to check out the amazing ladies who are hosting "That Friday Blog Hop"

That Friday Blog Hop

Well my fellow readers, I cant say too many exciting things happened to me this week, but i can tell you the most exciting thing that has happened to me so far this year!

As most of my readers know (because i posted it in the last post before this, geez try and keep up will ya?!) I work for a dealership company and I get to travel around Canada (Soon to be north america, just waiting on that passport! - Side note * fill out and BRING the paper work to the passport office kalleen!!* 

For the first time EVER! my company is sending me to the wonderful town of Stirling, Ontario. Okay, maybe Stirling isn't a wonderful town but its the closet to home work has ever sent me so that makes it wonderful. The town is about 30 mins away from my Amy & Pocks house so I'll be able to go home every day and have sleep overs with 2 of my favorite boys in life. Not to mention I have a whole week to spend time catching up with friends and other family members. I even booked off a few extra days and had work fly me in 2 days earlier, and leave 2 days later so I can spend more time with the family. All for the low low amount of $37. That's right guys! I just paid $37 to go home for a total of 10 days (only 4 of which I have to work) can I get a hell ya?

That's all I really have to say for the day! Its been a pretty quite week, so Ill just leave you with some HILARIOUS meme's!

Side note, I def came into work today thinking it was only Thursday ....

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