Monday, January 18

Its 2016?

With this being a new year, there's prob a lot of new year new me bullshit! However, that's not what this post is about because I think I'm perfect, and don't have to change a thing! What this post will be about is ... how the fuck is 2015 almost over and what did I even do?!

I would have to say I really feel like 2015 was my year to shine! I've be able to take part in so many great ideas that I never thought were possible!

I started my current job as 2015 was a month away from starting, at the time I knew it was going to be an amazing job but I didn't know how amazing! To make a long story short / sum up my job description, basically I work for a software company that specializes in car dealership software. Half of my job (Sometimes the boring part) is phone support. If you need to know how something in parts department portion of the software works, I'm your guy girl for the job! The best part of the job is usually at least once a month I get to travel to a new city to teach the parts department at different dealerships how our software works. This will happen when the dealership purchase's our software, the company flies us to the location to train the departments for usually one week.

That part of my job has been the best part! Its allowed me to have quality time with family when a work trip requires me to travel to Ontario, and it allows me to see beautiful places I've never seen!
In Feb, I got to go on a trip to North bay, On and while I was there my dad was able to stop in and say hello!

In May I was able to go to Vermillion, AB and really connect with some co-workers who I seriously have grown to adore!

In October I was able to fly to BC for the first time and stay in the rainiest city in the world Price Rupert. - Side note, this photo was taken on the ONLY day it did not rain all week!

As well as Wallaceburg, ON. My favorite part of that trip was spending time with my brother, his wife their 3 children well as the bestie Rachel, catch up with Christine, and spend sometime with Rachel's 2 daughters.

In November I spent 2 weeks in One Of Canada's Most Dangerous Cities Grande Prairie, AB. To be honest, it was cold and it sucked! On a brighter note, I was able to spend some time with my cousin, meet his fiancĂ© as well as 2 of his children! - Side note, I LOVE baby cuddles!!!

As for the final month, I was able to go to Halifax, NS for the first time, and also had a chance to catch up with my childhood friend, Melissa!

Its been a crazy busy year with work, and I wouldn't have it any other way! As far as my personal life, it was a little bit of a rollercoaster ... I met a boy, we dated, did some cool shit, broke up and now were back on! If I said he didn't steal my heart I'd be lying. We have had more down's in the last 6 months then up's it feels at times, but I'm not ready to give up on him!

However there were a lot of other exciting things to happen!

In April, I flew home for 5 glorious days. All for the love of the game ...

Also got to meet my first bio-niece Acasia (left) and my nephew Jesiah (right)

One of the best moments of the year however happened during May 2-4 weekend!
Had a visit from THE best friend! - All sorts of shenanigans happened

Tony & I

Justin, Tony & I

I had a pretty amazing summer to ... From what I can remember ... lets put it this way, I was home in ontario for the summer, and I was DRUNK - Also my birthdays in July .

Birthday Celebration #1 - Belleville, Ontario
Scott & Myself

Birthday Celebration #2 - Belleville, Ontario
Left - Right = Larrissa, Carissa, Myself & Renee

Birthday Celebration #3 - Calgary, AB
Top Left - Right = Myself & Sheena
Bottom Left - Right = Katie & Nicole

... That trip home was a little bit longer, and I also got to met my newest nephew, Winston (left) and my newest niece, Dakota. (right)

Not to mention much needed time with some other amazing people in my life...

Lisa & I

Vanessa & I

Natasha & I

And these amazing little people ...

Jacob, Myself & Hudson
Auntie & Autumn
Auntie & Payton
Auntie, Acasia & Malachi
Auntie, Adrian & Hensley

Cant forget the whole reason for the trip home this summer ... got all dressed up for my cousin Tara's wedding!

I spent, the other part of my summer driving around in this sexy bitch! - Mamma bought her self a 2014 Kia Forte.

Abyss meet bloggers, bloggers meet abyss!

Well climbing things like this sexy bitch! #ILOVEALBERTA

I haven't celebrated Halloween in awhile, and when I do its usually more skanky then scary, so this year I went as a dead pirate! Thanks Kaitlynn!

Hopefully as amazing as 2015 was,

Catch y'all on the flip side!

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