Tuesday, August 7

Better late then never - link up!

Linking up with " Rockin Momma" For 'I love me Mondays' *I'm well aware its tuesday, im a slow blogger so what :p*

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How it works..
"There will be 3 questions listed for you to answer and submit with your self portrait

1. What do people compliment you on the most?

My weight loss

2. Your greatest accomplishment?

losing 81 pounds to date

3. Do you consider yourself to have an old or young soul?

Young, wild, and free baby!


  1. wow! congrats on losing that amount of weight! you're an inspiration hooker! great smile!

    thank you for linking up with me!


  2. Holy cow! That's amazing! How in the world did you lose that much weight?

    1. hard work, lots of excersice, only water(except for bar nites, whoops), work out work out work out, and I use to eat REALLY unhealthy, so I changed my life style and took control of my food portions :)

  3. your weight loss journey inspires me so much! Amazing girl... you rock