Saturday, June 15

Im 1!-giveaway

Hey guys,
guess what today is, no big deal only my first blogiversary.I thought I was clever, and made that world up just now, but I didnt. It was in the top search feild in google, hats off to the funny (wo)man who thought of that one.

The Year Of ..
Top  Posts of the Year:  
*Most Passionate post of the year:
*Favorite SomeEcard Post of the year:
*Link ups I joined the most:
*Weightloss goals:

Life Lessons ..
I believe y'all keep coming back because ..

Blogger Stats..

* I Appreciate my readers, no comment ever goes un-replied
* I'm open and honest

Over the next year ill work on..

*Get out of my blogging circle
*Take more photos

one more last thing.
Because I luv all you readers, really I do. I get sooo happy when I get comments, its pathetic.. Anyway, Im also hosting my first ...
1.Follow my blog via GFC publicly
2.Follow & Tweet me on twitter #giveaway #itsmektt - @itsktbitch87
3.Guess my favorite movie judging my the quote
At the end of the week (21/06/2013 @ 12:00am EST) contest will be closed

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