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9 Pictures of you and your bestie

Audri & I,
we met when we were babies, went to Jr kinder/Sr kinder, and random grades thru elementry school. During highschool years we lived in different towns, and became different people. It wasnt untill she had B and cleaned up her act that we really started acting like Bffs

Carissa & I,
we meet back in Gr.3, when my boyfriend was 2-timing us! We hated each other, and our parents didnt really like each other either thanks to men! We finally grew up * a few wks later* and have been best friends since!

Larrissa & I,
We met in highschool when we sat beside each other in a few of our classes. When I went home and told my mom about my new friend she goes with a name like that she has to be your distant cousin, and she was. Our grandparents were sisters, and we had no idea how neat eh?

Joellen *jojo* & I,
We met thru her sister, the same person who introduced Debbie & I. Shes my fuckin C, and Im her fuckin B. Forever, we kept saying fuckin eh to everything and we would refer to her sister as fuckin eh , me fuckin b, and jojo fuckin C

Sam & I,
we met when I got with the guy she just broke up with. She called me every name in the book, and we HATED each other. Fast forward a year later, my man leaves me to go back to Sam. Forward about a fwe months later he tells us hes "single" but only sleeping with me, turns out he was sleeping with everyone. After that we formed the "I hate Jeff team" and we've been besties since!

Amber & I,
we met when I went to a house party that her boyfriend was throwing at the time. I was instanly amazed by Amber, and I ran to jump in bed with her, her smoke lit my hair on fire. We call scream, the rest is history!

Tony & I
We met thru the same person who introcuded Debbie & I. *she was a huge part of my life if that isnt clearly there anymore, I dont care to discuss it theres to much he said/ she said. I know the truth, and she knows the truth* That was about 8 years ago, and we have been tight since. I've never had to have a longdistance friend untill Tony, and I wasnt sure how it would work, but I swear the distance is the only reason our friendship has survived

Debbie & I,
We met thru a mutal friend of ours. Who neither of us speak to because shes just to much drama, but she gave me a chance to meet some amazing people. Debbie is the most solid girl I know, she has a heart of gold and will do anything to see anyone happy. She believes in karma not grudges, which is pretty hard in my books!

Lisa & I,
We met at our old job. I never realized then what an amazing friendship I was starting. Shes my silly bitch and I luv singing the simple life theme song with her! Sana sa sana sa sanna sa sa


  1. That dress you are wearing the first pic is to die for! So cute!

    1. Thanks its a shirt with a tube top as a skirt, im so creative haha :)

  2. This is awesome! I love it:)

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  4. awww this is so sweet you almost made me cry... lol but I'm glad we met your awesome and well we got alot more history to write can't wait xxoo