Tuesday, May 28

Day 28, Err day i blog

Hey guys, welcome to day 28 : Tuesday: Only pictures
Since I'm lazy im just uploading the last few pics on my celly!

Playing with the boys at the school, boys and their sticks!

looking good jose - jays game 4/20/13

 Thought of my best friend steve brown, he has the most common name ever, so im always finding his name on shit. The best one was "stevens car dealership" on brown st.

Throwback, found this at main hoes place. I love how neither of us are smiling. Im middle row 4th one in, shes first row first girl with the pink bow. My other friend Danille, is the 1st girl in the 2nd row, shes not happy either prob because our parents made us wear those dresses with white around the collar

When I found out the sex of carissa baby!

 SURPRISE "Owen" turned into Payton!! Congrats Rachel & Ryan, Im already in love with my FIRST neice!

Found this on the calender when I went home for a few days to visit My Amy & Co, guess she wanted to make sure Jacob & I didnt forget..

 #gojaysgo # luvthisteam

New clothes!

A forward from my brotha!! *We be cracking chris brown jokes #alldayerday

Playing at the skate park

Q riding his new thomas toy "I LOOOVE Thomas auntie, hes my favorite" I could just eat this kid up!

 Kisses for Auntie, from MJ

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